"Take the Spotlight" is the story of Artie Rain, a Dallas, Texas film director who has been hired by two
Dallas based African Film producers to direct a movie about human trafficking called "Finding Promise".
Artie sees in this venture, a chance of a lifetime because for the first time in his life, he has all the
funds he needs to make a film. He must now make or die trying, a masterpiece that must "Take the Spotlight"
wherever screened. Artie pursues this goal with a maniacal zeal equal to that of Napoleon Bonaparte, a man
whose dedication, meticulousness and commitment to winning Artie also embraces. This also meant that everything
else in his life such as his wife Arianna, his sick mother Khloe, his cast and crew, all came latter to him.
All that mattered was that his film when completed must take the spotlight. Some unavoidable circumstances on
set and off set however soon challenge Artie to compromise his approach and beliefs. Would he bow down to the
will of everyone else or would he continue to hold fast to the methods of a dead despot?